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The Life and Times of Cam LeBlanc

13 October
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This is me inspecting troops in London

Camille Edouard LeBlanc was born in Baton Rouge, LA and grew up in a small Mississippi river town called White Castle. It was there that he learned the great history of his native land and the people that inhabit it. He is immensely proud of his French background and will point it out to you as often as possible. If you are Vietnamese, be sure to tell him that you are Chinese. Otherwise, he will remind you that his people once owned your people. Do not be offended, the French have not conquered much, so they like to gloat on what they did conquer. Upon reaching the tender age of 6, his father moved the family to Anchorage, AK. After 4 years of playing hockey and continuing his studies of the French heroism during WWII, the family moved to the other American geological extreme - Florida. In 1996, they undertook an amazing journey from Anchorage to Brandon, FL by car. It took approximately 10 days of driving constantly. The distance was ~5,200 miles. Quite insane.

Today he spends most of his time in his room brooding. He is advised by a 9-man council of tropical fish acquired from Wal-mart. He assures all visitors that these fish are the highest educated fish available and act as his cabinet on various issues from propaganda to breakfast food decisions. Various communists adorn his wall and also act as his advisors. By looking at their faces and recalling their words, he is able to make policy decisions based on that of such heroes as V.I. Lenin, Mao Zedong and Che Guevara. He enjoys blues, jazz, hockey, history, your mother and maybe even you.

"And the sea will grant each man new hope, as sleep brings dreams of home,"
- Christopher Columbus

In his spare time he co-chairs a group called the Sea Pride Coalition. This coalition, according to their livejournal community advocates the following:

The Sea Pride Coalition is a group dedicated to advocacy of wild sex and drug use on the open sea in 18th century warships procured from museums and poorly defended docks of developing nations.

It is widely considered a farce, but he is dedicated to it. "It will be a fine day, comrades," he says, "when the [Sea Pride Coalition] can sail on the open sea in powdered wigs, smoking of the forbidden plant, smelling the sea air and dreaming of a world away from commercialism, poverty and war. We also hate landlubbers."

He urges all dedicated anti-landlubbers to flock to his noble banner. All applications shall be reviewed and approved by the High Council of the Sea Pride coalition and then the application will be sent to my aquarium for the approval of the Fish Council. You may view the community here: sp_coalition

Me with the children of the People's Republic of China

Me thrilling the People from my balcony.

Brief Statements:

on Healthcare..

"Ray Charles is blind because his family could not afford proper healthcare. Why should health be at all related to money in the richest country in the world?"

on Your mom..

"She's a great piece of tail, that's for sure. Is this thing on? No? Okay I plead the fifth."

on George W. Bush..

"I'm sure he at least believes what he's doing is the proper course for America."

on Life..

"I'm more nostalgic than anyone I know. I'm majoring in history. If someone offered me the chance to go back to another period of time, I wouldn't think twice."

on Music..

"I love all sorts of music. Blues, jazz and classical are my favorites, but even 50 cent has a place in my cd binder. I'm currently listening to the Road to Perdition soundtrack, it is lovely."

on Coffee..

"I am in consensus with the entire delegation of the voices in my head in saying that coffee is good. We promote coffee drinking to all those who do not, and would someday like to find a coffee shop that isn't full of emo kids."

on Religion..

"Karl Marx's quote, 'Religion is the opiate of the masses,' best fits my feelings on religion. I personally find it to be a catalyst for self-destruction. A means to drive yourself into a self-made prison, perhaps to give yourself an excuse. Excuse for what? I'm asking the fucking questions here! (Gratuitory Full Metal Jacket reference, go about your business). Ultimately, I am for letting people do whatever they want so long as it doesn't directly affect me. If they want THE LORD holding them back throughout their lives, well goddamnit that's their right. However, I still make sheep noises when passing churches."

on The best game ever..

"Adam Sandler's character 'Billy Madison' in the film of the same name, argues that Donkey Kong is the best game ever. I am not in agreement with this point. My 'best game ever' is a little known Sid Meier (Civilization, Alpha Centauri) release called Colonization. It is based on the same basic idea as civilization, except it takes place during the formative years of the American colonies from the first landing of the European powers to essentially what would parallel Cornwallis' surrender at Yorktown -- the independence of a new nation. It is one my favorite game of all time."

on Hockey..

"Hockey rules"

on Sex..

"The delegation voted in a landslide to declare that sex is good."

on Foreign Policy Based Around Unilateralism..

"America will lose the best among my generation to this war. With no one else joining in, the US has to bear the entire load. This is going to destroy alliances and create more hatred for the United States."

on the possibility of a draft..

"I already have 3 places in various provinces of Canada that will Anne Frank me should their be a draft. I will not fight for George W. Bush, the Iraqi people or for Pax Americana. No sir. I'm out. My father told me that if I run to Canada, when the war is over I might not be able to come back. I told him, "Fuck America."

on Abortion..

"When I grow a vagina and can make babies appear out of it, I will have the right make a decision on it. I believe people should have full civil rights. It is your body, not mine. I believe the debate to be simple, have the child and possibly the kid ends up bouncing around in foster homes, or lives in poverty for their entire life. Would it not be more humane to put the kid out of it's misery? Regardless, I believe in making your own decisions. I don't care whether it's right in God's eyes. You should be free to make the decision to keep or terminate.

on Planet of the Apes..

"Get your stinking paws off me you damned dirty ape!"

on AIDS..

"I believe AIDS to be a government created virus to target African-Americans, Africans and homosexuals. Some day, when enough have died they'll quietly nudge some researcher in the right direction to finding the cure."

on Old People..

"Old people can be cool. My grandfather tells the same stories over and over in sequence. I saw a guy at Publix the other day with a picture of his dog on a trucker hat."

on Snack Pack..

"Snack pack rules, dude."